Friday, 19 April 2013

Back on the build

For those who like there guitars grotesquely massive, with too many strings and upsidedown, Scatter-Brain salutes you!
And for those who like there guitars with small bodies and over sized necks, well, you get the picture.
After a little pause after completing  SB3 with full branding I have taken a little time out to work on my Facebook page, research my website (although I am yet to do any updates) and do a little promotion, I'm currently looking at getting SB3 on display/sale in Londons Denmark Street... More to follow.
I have started building my next SB3 model. Design changes I have decided to make on this are; a fractionally thicker body at 34mm instead of the previous 30mm, I am also not shaping the back of the body, so as to allow more wood around the neck joint. Additionally, I will be limiting this guitar to a mere 24 frets as opposed to the previous models 27. This should however facilitate a change in the electrics. My plan is to put another Tonerider Hot Classic Tele style neck pickup. I was dead impressed with this pickup when I installed one on my first SB2 model. It's a warmer version of the classic vintage Tele model with great mids. On the bridge I'm going to put a higher gain humbucker with a coil tap. At present, I'm seduced by the idea of Seymour Duncan's P-rail humbucker or an SH-4. My other leaning is to keep it British with some Bare Knuckle action, maybe the Aftermath pickup...
Continuing my current run of firsts I've also now started my first left handed, 7 string comisioned guitar. This Tele-inspired monster has a longer

fret length than I am accustomed to working with resulting in this behemoths overall increase in size by comparison to the traditional Tele (and especially compared to SB3)! For the body wings I am using iroko, it has a deeper, more aged look than the traditional Ash or Alder. Although it is less common on mass produced guitars, it is a wood cropping up on many boutique guitars. The through body is some specially selected black walnut. Finally, inspired by the awesome blog I was recommended, Telecastle, I've decided to change the attention to detail I give to my templates and thinking more about the ways in which I use them. Stay tuned.

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