Monday, 28 January 2013

Stop the press!

What press? Who prints a blog? That's not a blog its a newspaper!
Good news! Scatter-Brain has its first commission and by jove it's exciting! Guitarist in the awesome post-metal band Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster and good friend, Andy Vernon has approached me to build a custom left-handed 7 string! He is very specific in what he wants, Tele-style cool with big tones and a good range of switching options and my personal favorite, through body construction! Stay tuned folks.
Also in the news, I finished the re-fretting on SB2, which I am very happy with, however, I think I may redress them one more time, as I feel the fret leveling could be smoother. 
Oh, I also went to an open mic night at my old local, drank to much, played double speed, fumbled my way through the first verse of Where Did You Sleep Last Night then stormed off stage and hid in the garden with my beer until closing. Anyway, point is, it seems that I am already a better luthier than performer!

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