Wednesday, 30 March 2016

New Job, New Home, New Outlook

Okay, I've not been great about updating this blog. But a lot has happened in this last year or so, so here is a quick post to bring us all up to date.

It's a beautiful day, I'm now on the property ladder (though still in my old workshop) I'm itching to get in to the garage, a feeling that escaped me for a while.

Some of my newer SB3's
That last post was written about mid 2015 but never posted, because I'm a bad person. I have made several guitars since, including my first left handed SB3 Junior custom, and a highly detailed SB3. I have sold a couple of guitars and I have a few up for sale in a local guitar shop that I cannot recommend enough Electro Hill,  as B-stock guitars. The owner Richard, is a fantastically knowledgeable guy and also, I'm told, a great guitar tech, well worth the pilgrimage for any enthusiast!

Left handed, custom SB3
The body wings are tulip
I have a new an exciting custom build in the making, (details to follow) and I am working on my new model (2016) SB3 body shape. My original idea for last year was to have two body shapes, the one shown on the previous post and the junior (see the lefty SB3) which is an update of the original 2012 body (see the bound body SB3). But the bigger 2015 body shape with the back contours has proved  not overly popular, so I have decided to offer one body shape with room for multiple pickups, 24 frets and all the best ergonomic and aesthetic features of the previous models. Progress!

I think the biggest change so far is me. I have had several job changes, I am currently working freelance as a interior design contractor and promoting SBC, I am so much poorer but also much, much happier, working for myself and doing things I love!
My latest SB3 this is the 2012 body shape
I'm not really sure how to approach this as I don't want to cause any offense of anyone who may read this, but I realized while working in a previous job that I was suffering from depression. Everything felt like it was going to explode, I loved the work and the challenge of finding manufacturing and engineering solutions but the environment was toxic and damn near hard to work in, despite some amazing people. I left that job by choice with nothing to go to, it was a scary time, but I started building guitars while on gardening leave. It was amazing, I became quite prolific!
I nicknamed this guitar 'The Sex'
I was then approached about some contract work on a self-employed basis, which I do about 3 - 5 days a week, giving me time to work on SBC
 and I have never looked back!

Will I succeed? I hope so, but if I don't will I get back up and try again? Damn right I will. I'd rather live life as a failure than never tried at all.

SB3 Junior 2; Sentiment is a bitch.

SB3 Junior 2;
Sentiment is a bitch. 

The yew is from my grandads reclaimed stock, so is aged beautifully but has many defects, impart due to being stored poorly for nearly 30 years. This is likely the last guitar I will make featuring a yew neck, due to its complications but it serves as a good homage to the man who built my childhood home and much of the furnature I grew up with, who shaped my life so much with out us ever meeting. I don't know if I will sell this guitar, but either way, I am very happy I made it.