Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sales and lettings

SB3 is now officially for sale. In the heart of London's Denmark Street, Wunjo Guitars have kindly agreed to sell SB3 for me. The feeling I must say is somewhat bitter sweet. I had taken SB3 to Wunjos' before (I have had dealings with them before and they have always been good to their word, furthermore, owner Brian set me up many years ago building my first guitar, with a beautiful bit of ash and a set of wired pickups from a junked Ibanez, so it seemed fitting), on that occasion, reception had been positive, the only negative comments being change the pickups (I originally installed Wilkinsons) and the intonation was a little out on the high strings. To rectify the intonation, I installed the pictured bridge, the saddles are roller type saddles, individually mounted to the bridge to allow a greater range of intonation adjustment. Additionally the whole bridge can also be moved forward or back on the posts. The pickups are Seymour Duncan SP90-3 Customs, which are essentially high gain, over-wound single pickups. The Wilkinsons where quite crunchy, though they seemed to struggle to throw out the harmonics and the single notes which tended to disappear in to a muddy distorted sound. With the Duncan's the mud is still there but you really hear every note and every squeal in a well balanced blend of drive and tone! I really hope it sells, at the same time I'm gutted to see it go but I think I would be more gutted to see it returned to me, so go to Wunjo's and buy it!
I recently moved a few weeks ago and I have been bad about keeping this blog updated, I also have a stack of other media I have been meaning to update my website with, such as sound files and photos of the completed SB3. Hopefully, soon however, I should have my own workshop and office in our New flat so I can step up my production times and cut out costs of travelling to my parents to use their garage!

In Production
Currently, I have my left handed SB2.7L, a seven string SB2 custom. Expect a dedicated blog post shortly. I am also producing a thicker bodied SB3 with a classic Humbucker/single pickup combination.

Design and Development
A 70's Hagstrom
I have been working on the shape and form of SB2 this has included re-sketching the shape hundreds of times, right through to hacking off bits of my SB2 prototype! To aid me, I have also been researching and studying other hotrod inspired instruments from 50's 60's and 70's. Sure there are the obvious, Teles and Strats, Gibson's Firebirds and Thunderbirds (which really appeal for their early through-body status) but I have also been looking further afield, at the likes of the Futurama guitars, Kay and Hagstrom
who where brilliant at making guitars obviously influenced by Gibson and fender but uniquely styled.

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