Monday, 14 January 2013

New Years Projects

In the absence of usable spare time time at the moment (more than about two hours when I'm not already warn out), I have been working on my repairs, sketching and drinking whiskey, but I'll get to that in a minute. At the moment, my latest creation, SB3 is residing at my parents, stripped of all its parts and most of its finish. My intention is to re finish it and add the rest of the parts including fret top markers (down the side of the neck and fretboard joint) trussrod and a new electronics cavity cover as well as adding graphics and refinishing.
In the meantime, using the tools available to me, I have been doing repairs work to SB2, my first experiment with through body construction. I was pretty happy with body finish, however the neck/fretboard is a little uneven and I had to level the fifth fret down to a state that it was nearly worn out. So much so, that when I first tried to use my fret rounding file, when initially I thought I could get away with just redressing the frets, the file couldn't  actually fit over that fret! I recently purchased some jumbo fret wire, something about this guitar, medium fret wire has never felt right and I figure this would be good practice to re-fret a guitar.
After pulling out the frets (which was actually not as nerve racking as I had expected it to be), I have began to sand the fretboard using a ruler as a guide to check how flat and even the neck is. I will keep my progress posted.
...And finally, whilst sitting with my sketch book, mulling over possible finishes for my new run of SB2 models with a glass of lightly peated whisky when my wife told me off (not for the first time) for using the bed as a table for my glass and I thought to myself; "she is right, I have been meaning to make myself a little slim side table." The problem is, it doesn't excite me, at most, it will be a box like construction with a minuscule amount of storage which ultimately I will do what I do with every other bit of furniture I own that doesn't excite me, I will pile receipts on it. So I poured myself another glass and admired my collection of tasty, tasty booze, when I was struck by a particularly selfish thought; "I don't believe this! I'm nearly 27 and I still don't own my own alcohol cabinet! What's up with that!"
Naturally, my wife thought this was a terrible idea, but the more I thought about it the more I thought about my total and utter lack of occasional furniture (to any one not middle class enough to have heard this term it relates to any bit of cabinetry not really essential to every day life, luxury items such as console tables, coffee tables, drinks cabinets, that sort of bollocks) in my life, no coffee table, no drinks cabinet, "hell, I don't even have a proper guitar amp! Oh, now there's an idea, coffee table/drinks cabinet/guitar amp..."
So there we go, repairs, SB2 production line and Scatter-cab/coffee/amp. Stay tuned, and if anyone actually reads this and has any ideas on the above, email me on;
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