Monday, 7 January 2013

Blog merge

Seeing as how I am rubbish at running two blogs, building and updating a website and simultaneously building, designing and developing my guitars (and doing a half arsed job of building the Scatter-Brain Facebook page) not to mention holding down my lovely dead end job...
I have decided to cut down my work load by combining my blogs in to one, so for the three people that read my other blogs, this is where you will find updates on SB2 and 3 as well as rants, rage's and revaluations.
SB3 is fundamentally finished! At the start of 2012 I had set myself a task to complete 4 new guitars, due to one setback or another, I completed two. I'm not sad about this I should say. SB2 (although it has a few aesthetic needs that need attending to) has been an outstanding success, it still needs a few little bits done, such as a proper plate on the back over the electronics, a trussrod cover and I plan on putting transfer logos on the neck, on the twelfth and, if I can, the 24th fret as well as dots down the side of the neck. At some point, I plan on re-wiring the guitar, as well as stripping it down and giving it a proper polish. Those parts aside (which sounds like  a lot more work than it actually is when written down) I've made a guitar that plays well, sounds good, is very comfortable to sit with and looks uniquely styled!
The one thing I have learnt from SB3 is that to produce it on a grander scale, I'm going to need a planner, thicknesser. The guitar, that aside, was surprisingly easy to build.
Going forward
My original plan was to develop SB3 and experiment with a three piece neck construction. I am still going to do this, but using my redesign of SB2, through body. This is mainly because I found a wood supplier who provides pre planed wood at the right thickness for SB2, further to this however, SB2 is of a simpler construction which should make production times much quicker. I also plan on taking the construction one stage further by running up blanks for 3 potential guitars, all the same shape but all slightly different.

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