Thursday, 19 September 2013

New projects and current projects

The past few weeks, since my last post have been taken up with weddings, family does and awkward social situations. Unfortunately, I have had little time do dedicate to Scatter-Brain, so both my design and workshop sessions have suffered slightly (although they also haven't been helped by the fact I have  had an unrelated side project that I have been wrapping up as well, these past few weeks). Unfortunately, with a fresh new bout of weddings, family commitments and the odd chance I may actually get to do something social (between everything else and my full-time day job, it's a rare luxury!), it's not showing signs of letting up. However, neither is my passion for guitar building and for Scatter-Brain. Oh well, guess I might as well get on with it. 

Currently in production I still have SB2.7L as well as my second SB3 production prototype. SB2.7 is close to being as complete as can be at the moment (pending final sanding, installing the nut and finishing) as I think I may have mentioned before, we have decided to use a Hipshot bridge, however, these take about four weeks to ship so we are still awaiting this, for this reason, I am nervous to finish things like the the scratch plate. I have finished installing the frets (but not fully dressed) and I am planning one more session before I feel I can actually do no more! 

SB3, two updates to this new model, as you see pictured, I have now prepared the body to have the cavities routed, however, I had to stop there due to needing to develop my design before placing the pickups. The second new development is that this will be my first guitar using my new mitre saw to cut the fret slots. The saw it self is a basic (manual rather than electric) saw attached to a guide in the middle and is lockable at 90° to the guide, much the same as the more expensive fretsaws but at much less cost. I have made a few of my own adjustments, including hammering the the straight to give a finer cut. Previously, I had been using my own hand made jig, the results of which where very accurate but highly time consuming!
The shape of things to come!

I also have a new commission project, a headless, erganomic body guitar. I hope to do a dedicated post soon!

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