Monday, 10 February 2014

Been away a while

So yes, it has been a while since my last post! And why? Well, in the last three months I've completed two guitars, had my first happy customer and traded my second SB3 for for an awesome little amp! I'm also close to finishing my second custom, a Klein inspired headless, and I have started another SB3. My in between time has been eaten by a multituse of mostly awesome but time sapping afares such as; my real job (dull), my social life (I may have been drunk), computer games (these are the devils work) and (of course) playing guitar (I have been jamming with another guitarist and a drummer, it's a rare treat!).
Outside of guitar building I have been trying to promote myself, initially I have just been using Facebook, this has gone really well, and resulted in the sale (exchange) of SB3 and put my in touch with some really cool people who have been very encouraging, many noting that they are keen to see where Scatter-brain is going!
I have also been thinking about training, but that may be a subject for another post...
In production, SB3H is now coming close to conclusion and I have another SB3 in the pipeline. I have only made the rough shaped blank so far, but already this is very different I've used a three-piece maple/sapele sandwich and book-matched some reclaimed mahogany for the top.
For the neck, I'm going to do a 25.5" scale, to be a little different, I have also been thinking about adding another string, for good measure! Although, I would probably prefer to have a longer scale should I decide to do this.
To get around a persistent issue of top heavy necks previous guitars have experienced I have found some light weight scheller tuners. I'm thinking of using a classic two humbucker set up (though I'm tempted to go P90 humbucker), something hot on the bridge and a bit more vintage on the neck. And I'm sure there will be some sexy switching options as well!
That's all for now, hopefully I will be starting to get some video blogs up of guitars in action as well soon!

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