Saturday, 27 July 2013

SB2.7L Custom; Progress

Pleasingly, I have been able to to get in a couple of really productive sessions building SB2.7L, a custom build for Andrew, guitarist for progressive post-metal band, Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster and a good friend! Following the past two sessions, I am pleased to say, that test fitting of parts and electronics seems fast approaching!
For the moment I have put my 24 fret SB3 model in the back burner in terms of production, this I feel may be for the best as I have decided to put a small scratch plate on to the guitar to mount the pickups on, so the guitar has to go back in to design and development for now.

This would ordinarily be the point where I waffle on about the progress made on SB2.7L but this time I thought I would let the pictures do most of the talking!


Positioning cavities with the templates


Most of the cavities cut and wiring tunnels drilled

Headstock planed before veneering, the grain pattern is so beautiful it seems a shame to cover it up!

 I've used a thick ebony veneer on the headstock to give a measure of extra strength to its sewn 10 degree pitch.

To make sure I achieved the correct alignment on the fretboard and neck I decided to glue them together before shaping. Once dry, I traced the neck shape from the template and rough cut it on my bandsaw.

image to the left shows where the fretboard overlapped the body. This I carefully trimmed off using a straight edged saw. 

Neck shaping begins


Andy asked that I give his guitar quite a steep cutaway so as he has good access to the hard-tail style bridge as he is usually used to playing guitars with Tune-o-matic style bridges.

That's it from me from for now, so go check out Tacoma and check back here soon!

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